1)When did you start dancing ?
at 1996
2)What’s the name of the crews you are in?
Actually we are both in few crews then we live in Italy now, the crew in Germany is killa Beez and the present crew in Italy is Fight club..
We have already start a new projeckt (SPINKINGS) in Germany to performance all around the world with the collaboration from eagle and Boom from maximum crew (KOREA) ex expression members. for more information look this homepage www.spinkings.com

3)How many dancers are you?The name of the members?
We must precise that..then the killa beez i only a battle formations...and the were many members incoming in the last few years...
In the fight club crew.. we are 5 members :Lukay,Cico,Sadik,Blue,Malo...we’ve a good feeling than we practice every days together

 4)Who are your Favorit bboys(old bboys and new)?
Cico:ken swift is a inspiration for me and storm give me some motivation then he is a complete bboy and he is working with your performance until today..mucho respect to this person
And in the new generation I like this guys:Kim min sung (THE END) from gamblers crew I like him for his perfection during the powerperformance,Ruen from Style elements because he is a very creative guy and he make his own b-boy stuff and my bro Lu-k then he is very originally, can dance with power and translate this to the music
LU-K:my most favorit bboy for the old generation is bboy ivan then he is a machine and I like him because he can pass on his love for the dance on other bboyz with his charisma....he is crazy!
Actually is do knock a eye catch for me than he is a very explosiv bboy and dance with his own head(OWN STYLE)

5)What is important in breaking for you guys?
The most important thing for one bboy is to give respect to all breakers the we are all a big family..


6)You travel a lot to jams and battles?

Cico is as time very busy then at moment everybody call him to make judges in some competitions..

7)Last show you did was in Sweden. How was it? What crews was there?
In Stockholm was crazy the peoples there was very nice...and the breakers very good ..much respect for b-grandma then she have rock the shit there! The crew then we can remember is Throw down crew...very good guys!! Respect to Stammis and Nico ..(members of throwdown crew)

8)What to you think about the guys in Throw Down? Especially Niko who is a old legend?

He dance very long time and this is nice to see this guys on the floor then they have a lot  experience in battles...a shot out to Stammis and Nico. We heard nico’s name very often in our career...but I see him at first time in Sweden

9)You practise a lot? How many hours?
3 hours in a day

10)Cico you are finish your own Dvd.When and where can people who are interest find it?
The dvd is already finish... as soon as possible is it on backspin and many homepages how this homepage (www.therthrowdown.net) to buy...this is not difficult to find it..

11)Thank you Cico and Lucas.

We hope to see more of youre crew

See you soon in Greece