When exactly did you start dancing? And how did you come in contact with Breaking?
I started late autumn 1998. When I found out that Nico had breaking classes at the Dansverket (where I was taking classes for Martin Ferretti and Alvaro Aguilera), I first watched the training, and then I felt that i definitely want to try! So I went up to Nico and asked him, "May I practise for you?" And Nico said, "You may come whenever you want and do whatever you want!" And so I did!

What is it that you find so interesting about bboying? And where do you find all this energy and motivation for practice, dance, doing shows and also participate in all these Jams?
For me, dance is movement with feeling. There is a lot of energy and feeling in the music, and when all this goes through your body and soul and out in movement and expression, then it's simply great!  I love the freedom to improvise, and as an old judoist I´m quite fond of battle.  Breaking is a complex and inspiring  synthesis of martial art  and dance. Also, it's a very personal dance form. A chemically pure flare is actually not so interesting even if it's beatiful. Simple footwork with flow and flavour can be much more  fascinating! And since I love breaking I enjoy practising and going to jams.  When you love something  you have the joy and the creativity, the free emotion.

In what way has Bboying change your life in all these years?
Breaking has made me more harmonious than ever before. Of course people make some fuss about me because of my age but I don't care so much.

What do you think about your streetname? “Krazee-Grandma” You like it? Or you rather prefer that people  call you by your real name witch is Monika?
Krazee Grandma - that name was my own idea!

Rumours says that your in Martha Coopers new book“ We Bgirlz”  with your own interview is it true? And if that Is the case can you tell us how the hole thing happent? Did you get the chance to meet Martha Cooper?
Yes, that's right. We met at the BOTY 2004 in Braunschweig when she and Nika Kramer were collecting B-girls, and we met again in Braunschweig 2005. Every Bgirl they contacted got a sheet with questions, was photographed, and asked to write her own signature orlogo if any. Both Martha and Nika  were genuinely enthusiastic about the Bgirl project, and both are very warm and  stimulating as persons. So they have a standing invitation to my place!

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How does your life look like when your not breaking? Your” non-breaking part” of your life?  For example what are you working with? Any family?
The "non-breaking part" of my life looks like this: full-time work in a gardening company; sometimes translation work also. I met my husband in Japan, we fooled each other(he blames me, I blame him, ha! ha), and we have been married since 1971. We have no kids but!  I sometimes say, "we are each other's children"...

How many hours /days do your practise? And where ?
I practise nearly every day in my training room, and on Sundays I attend Carlito's classes because I like the free and positive atmosphere of his training.

What other activites have you practice exept Bboying?

I did judo for 15 years - that's why I went to Japan. Massa(my husband) and I also did some rock-climbing, and we went to Greenland twice.
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How does the year 2006 looks like for you when it comes to bboying any trips to Jams outside of Sweden?

I plan to go to Gothenburg on May 13, ScanBOTY in Copenhagen at the end of May, IBE in Rotterdam in September, and BOTY in Braunschweig again.  Hopefully I will find out about some jam in Finland too - I lo! ve Finland and Finnish breakers are wonderful - I just need to mention Focus and Ätä...

Can you mention one of the most memorials Jams that you have ever experience? A Jam that you had  most fun in. If there are more than one just mention them.
That was a couple of years back - in Finland actually, in Tampere(=Tammerfors in Swedish). Lots of Finnish breakers of course, Morris and his crew from Gothenburg, one lonely member of the Norwegian Floor Knights, namely a very well rounded breaker of Korean descent, and then JUNIOR and LAOS from France! Among other things there should be 2 and 2 battle. To my great surprise, the Korean guy from Floor Knights comes up to me and asks, "Would you like to battle together with me?" First I thought he was joking, but no,

he was seriousl! We call! ed ourselves "Generation Gap" because of the abysmal age diffe! rence between us, and started. I had the  

attitude, he had the skills. And believe me or not, we reached the semifinal, and then we had to battle against Junior and Laos...and that was it. But it was great fun! And the cyphers were definitely not  like it sometimes happens in Sweden - no, you nearly had to fight to get a chance to get in!

Of all these bboys personalities  that you have met cause you have met almost all of them who did impressed  you the most?
Oh, what i difficult question - everybody is so different!
And then a funny question if you got the chance to  choose one crew to represent  what crew would it be and  why?

Which crew? Also a very difficult question actually. But if I were good enough I would like to be in a crew with a free spirit and mad creativity, something like Style Elements Crew at it's best...

Have you  got any strange/crazy proportions from the  “media-world” like participate  In some commercials , interviews or Tv -shows that you have rejected because it didn’t felt right?
Well, mass media have contacted me sometimes... I usually refuse because interviews take time and I don't want to be a "kändis" as they say in Swedish, that is, celebrity. Last week some people wanted me in a commercial for a medicine against osteoporosis.... but since I don't use that stuff myself, I said no.

Can you mention some breaking-moves you enjoy to watch?
I was very fond of windmill, and still am, of cour! se  - but now, if a move is well executed, I enjoy it whatever it is!

What move do you practice at the moment? And Which moves do you want to learn? I remember when we talked long time ago you told me that you wanted to learn to do the windmill can you do it now?
I work with handglide and turtle because in the long run, I want to continue with cricket and jackhammer...As for the windmill, at last it starts to function. I try baby mill too but it is still more a miscarriage than a baby... ... and I must improve my handstands, and my footwork is still to slow and lacking  in sharpness, etc etc etc...

Favorite music when you practice? Do you practice on breakbeats or do you dance to other music? Once you told me that you where into jazz-music.
I use break beats when breaking...I have 2 tapes of DJ Leacy, two CD:s by Kid Skraam, and lots of stuff my friends have fixed for me.  As for jazz music, I was playing the alto sax as a teenager - at that time, jazz was underground, that's maybe one reason I felt attracted....

Besides breaking do you have any other passion? Or hobby?

No other passion at the moment - I don't have time...!

Now your free to say hello to anybody you wish.
I end with my warmest greetings and best wishes to all of you in the Throw Down, and to Pierre Zappo who created the wonderful painting in my training room!

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