"There is people out there who just want fame because they did not get it the first time round. so they dont educate the kids who are up and coming in london. they spread bad rumors to try and put you down, its sad because these kids need to know the truth about...."
Pete aka Powerfull Perverz

This interview is very important its about "Power pervez" one of the greatest top breakers in Europe and in the whole world actually. We going to have more interesting interviews with top true "non fake" European breakers. Breakers who inspired many dancers aither with their originality or with their exucation of moves.

Hi Pervert..........

Mr perverz tell us little shortly about when did you start dancing, Tthe name of you crew that you represented and how did you get the name Powerfull Perverz,
I started dancing in late 1982, watching flash dance made me want to become a dancer. i saw other videos of breakin, that my cousin had. the first crew i was in was named east side jammers. we were local kids from east london. near where i lived. then i battled a crew called side winders and they asked me to join there crew. then live 2 break saw me and asked me to join their crew. i have never personally used the name powerfull pervez. people associated that name with me.They used to call me kid twist. people called me powerfull pervez because i used alot of power in my movement and dancing.

Which was the top breakin crews in Uk london back then? And mention some top breakers that you respected back then
The breakin crews were live 2 break, london all stars, wolverhampton b boys, broken glass, rock city crew, jedi crew, sidewinders, east side jammers, the people i respected were, halit (live 2 break) king b (london all stars) air borne (live 2 break) dolby d (london all stars) killion, spider, james.

Where you at the famous movie electro rock and if not why?
yes i was at the electro rock, the reason why we did not do the movie, was because we thought the movie was too commercial, and we liked to be underground. our popin crew (live 2 pop) was in the movie.

tell us about shortly about the Uk fresh did you do any shows there with your crew?
yes we did the uk fresh, uk fresh was organised by live 2 break, one of the first raw jams in the uk. we just did a small freestyle pieces on stage. and then we battled rock city on the floor away from the cameras. IT WAS DOPE!

Can you recall any famous battles that you have done? And which crew in Uk was your biggest "enemy" back then?
we had loads of battles, but one that stands out in my mind is with breaker ray crew, at the electric ballroom in camden (london), and the ones that got away, and regret was london all stars. i wish we battled them (they were our biggest enemies)

What was the biggest difference acording to you comparing the british breakers with the americans?
in my opinion their was not much difference between the uk and american breakers, they just had 2 or 3 years on us. we caught on really fast. we learnt and understood the art of b boying really fast. because we were the first to grasp it when the dance came out.we were second to the americans, we were up there with them.

Do you remember when your crew split up? Because you where later on dancing with King B from london All stars right? Also how can you discrabe King B as a breaker?
we split up near 1987, and king b and myself were friends at the time, so we decided to crew up together, he had the power, and i had the style and character. he had the big air moves and i had the small sharpe clean moves. so it was an excellent combination. we took out crews with our combination of breakin.

How do you discrabe your self as a breaker are you into Power or style? or both?
I deveopled my breakin and style from crews like dynamic breakers and rock steady crew. when i saw crazy legs, i thought wow. i was drawn to small movements and charachter. people like frostie freeze encouraged me to understand myself and use my own character in my dancing. i was a very cheeky breaker. the issue of power moves has been misunderstood, it takes alot of power to do small movements if you do them right. like twisting and footwork. i did not like flying around and flips, if thats what you call power moves it did not intrest me.

When you ask old school breakers in Uk about Pete aka Perverz people always speak with big respect and always says that "Yes Pete was a bad twister" explain the twister thing for us
I learnt to twist by watching crazy legs, the americans call it traking, and we named it twist. it is a mixture of turning and twisting on your back. i varied the movement and made up many moves from it. and people knew me from then as a twister.

How important is originality for you when it comes to down rockin. Are you an original breaker do you came up with your own moves?

It is very important to be original, their is basic movements in down rocking, the only way you can elaborate is by practicing, staying away from watching videos, and other people. i used to practice alone and try to undertstand and create different moves, if i saw anyone with a similar movement to mine, i would go back to practice and change it, until i become better and better.

Couse today you see a lot of bboys jumping into the circles doin downrocks and the only thing they doin is basic moves like figure fours or just executing foundation things. How do you judge a style breaker, Is it important to be original when your do downrocks?
Yes it is very important to be original, in my opinion, your character has to be as good as your breaking, without character their is no foundation. there is a combination of character and style that make a foundation move. i see alot of people who are trying to do foundation, after doing 10 years of power moves, it is very hard for them to understand themselves and to understand what character is as they are trying to do foundation now

In 1989 I Stamos invite you to Sweden you remember? Very early years. What memories do you have from that time in Sweden and from the jam?
Yes i do remember coming to your house, and staying in your basement with your family. it was a memorable experience. i dont remember the jam so much, all i remember is staying at your house and your loving hospitalit

When did you stop breakin and when did you started again?

i would never say that i stoped breaking, i was always breaking even when the scence died down in london, i was doing thai boxing, and i remember king used to come over to my house and we used to break for fun. and used to battle each other. so i never really stopped breaking at all. even when i went thai boxing i used to break there, and people used to laugh, saying that dancing style has come out. People told me around about early 1990's that people were breaking around the world, and then i went to work again
How is the breakin situation in Uk when it comes to showing such important and talented bboys like you self from the first genetation of bboys respect? Many times you can ask breakers from england about if they knowing people as Perverz or King b and they dont even know who guys are. Or organizers of big events does these people giving you the respect that you deserve? Invite you or does these persons only take americans? And if not how come?
People in london have not been educated about the history of london breakers, and there is people out there who just want fame because they did not get it the first time round. so they dont educate the kids who are up and coming in london. they spread bad rumors to try and put you down, its sad because these kids need to know the truth about the uk breaking scene, and who was there at the begining. nowadays the organisers are more intrested in making money and who and what crew is at the top or well known, so they can use their name to promote the event and make money. i dont really care that people remember me, ive always been underground and i still am underground. breaking is for the circles and not the stage.

What is your attidute when it comes to biting?
my attitude to biting is that to take someones move and do it exactly as that person done it, that is what you call biting. you can see people doing certain moves that i dont think they understand themselves, so you can change and add things on to it, to make it your own. and then add your character on to it.

What is the big difference from the old school breakers in Uk and the new ones?
The difference is that i think you had to be around back in the days, we got it first hand and it was raw, in my opinion the so called power moves killed the art of the dance, and people just wanted to fly around in the air because it was spectacular, and the people that was watching thought it was amazing. the old school breakers loved character and style and the new school treat the dance like a fashion trend.

Who is an old school breaker for you I mean alot of people from the paste have "wake up lately" and putting the title old school breaker....What is the kriteria for you for some one to be calling him or her for an old school breaker for ex is it that someone did a head spin or a windmill in the begining of the 80:s? Explain.
The criteria for an old school breaker in my opinion is someone who was around back in the 80's and who contributed to the scene, and who was part of the scene, who danced in and out of circles and was maybe in a crew. if you were not in the scene you was not part of it, so you are not classified as old school.

Names of some breakers that you respect as dancers from your heart.
I repect halit, dolby d air bourne, killion, james, king b, spider, niko, the doc (bad ass bboy), these are to name but a few. their were so many other b boys that i cant remember, but have alot of respect for.

There is some breakers from Usa today some of them old school bboys and legendary people, "beat street" people such as Ken swift, Crazy legs coming to Europe and teaching people "foundation" and teaching bboys about breakin, Do you believe that European breakers , true old school breakers such your self have made up european
foundations, styles,moves that we can talk about and showing to breakers all around the world or are we the first generation of breakers in europe just some executers of american style and moves?

yes we have to give respect to the old school, such as ken swift and crazy legs, and its cool for them to teach. i believe foundation breaking is vast, yes you can learn from these people but you can also learn from us. i also believe you have to be active breaker i.e you still have to be practicing and making moves up to show that their is still so much to learn in breaking. i belive you can never stop learning and understanding if you stay active in the dance.

Two last questions the winners of a battle hypotheticly between old school breakers from usa , beat street people, and some top true old school people from Europe/uk battling in style, originality inovation of moves etc do we have a chance?......or would we be like, this is ofcource my personal opionion like the new generation of European breakers followers of the americans with out no identity and bboy proudness? Do you believe that the new generation are followers with out identity?
in my opinion to have that kind of battle now, would be too hard to do. who would win? it would be the one who does his homework. as for the breakers around europe there are alot of people who are trying to do foundation and learn about the dance, as i just came back from france i was judging hip hop session 2008, it was cool but the circles were a different story. i was dancing beside seven dollars and flow mo, some guys from switzerland and obviosly france. it was funny someone from flow mo said to me, we are surprised and shocked to see you dancing like that, you have still got it, i thought to myself it was nice to hear that, but because your not around people think you loose your touch. i love b boying its in my heart and soul. i remember i said to someone i wish i was 20 years old again, and they laughed, and they said we wish we were your age 40 . i think breakers in europe have to start understanding themselves and their own characters and be as original as possible.foundation breaking has a vocabulary, like a dictionary, you have to understand style, foundation, character and music to understand the meaning of the dance.

Do you remember Nico my brother? He was very young back then. Nico has always look up to you and still mention you as the most important breaker. He remembers when you battle him. We all in throw down mention both you and King B ofcourse always and showing you respect, such respect we dont give easy to people in the dance world
Thank you

yes i remember nico, he asked me to show him how to twist, he caught on fast, i have not seen you guys for years. it will be nice to see nico dance now, i used to hear about him in the 90's. i met him again in sweden when i was judging a small competition. and we jammed at an after party. it was cool. but it has been a few years since i saw you guys last. i still thank you guys for the way you looked after us. cant wait to break with you again.